The countless benefits of your own platform

Almost every content creator earns his revenue directly from the viewer except for creators who primarily earn income from Ads. But why should they tolerate the unstable AD revenue? They shouldn’t, their content isn’t worth less than theirs. With your own platform, your earnings will be fixed per viewer.

Not only will your income increase significantly, but additional stability, freedom of policies and further benefits will have a positive impact on your company. Continue reading to discover all of the benefits.


Stability and Future

More stability, now and in the future. By using your own personalized platform, your viewers and you are no longer dependent upon YouTube.

If YouTube is no longer profitable, your company still remains profitable. By running your fanbase through your own platform you also earn money after the YouTube era. The continued existence of your content creating company after YouTube is almost guaranteed.

Niche content creators

You don’t need to have an audience of hundred of thousands of people to earn a significant amount of money anymore. A small and active audience is already sufficient. Example: educational content creators can now also be paid for the value of their content.

New source of income

Completely new source of income, without any adverse effect to your current income. View the earnings model on the platform page.

Inhibits unwanted advertising

Inhibits (surreptitious) advertising in videos. Let your viewers watch your content purely or only choose sponsors you totally side with. It is no longer necessary to advertise products or services that do not relate to your content for additional income.


No pressure to get as many views as possible and to force the video length. With your own platform, your earnings are fixed per viewer. Just your content, without pressure to use clickbait titles and to produce videos longer than necessary.

No strict policy

No harsh policy your videos must meet. No problems of having your videos demonetized for no reason. You and your content receive the freedom you deserve as long as the content remains within the norms and values.


Adpocalips, the sharp decline of Adsense revenues will have a smaller impact.